Thursday, February 2, 2012

He is my King!!

Yesterday we got to visit the temple in Oakland yesterday. Every time we get to go to the temple, I have trouble sleeping the night before because I am so excited to enter the House of the Lord and feel so close to Him there. It was a beautiful experience being able to spend a few hours feeling like a daughter of God in such a pure and real way.

After the temple, we stopped by the visitor's center real quick just to look at the Christus statue there. I stood for a moment and looked up at the face of my Savior, my Redeemer, my Brother, my Friend and as I turned around I realized that Elder Millard had taken a picture of me.

I love this picture because it truly candidly depicts how I feel about the my Savior Jesus Christ.
He is my King!
When I look up and remember Him - this is how I feel. He is the reason that I have joy in my life. He is the reason I feel constant and consistent peace and hope. I have never been lacking in happiness because He lives and He loves me.

So this picture is my testimony of the Savior as I stand at the foot of a statue of Him

And this:
is the testimony of an apostle of the Lord as he stands at the foot of the Christus statue.

I too know that He lives. I believe in Christ; so come what may. I will worship Him with all my might!!

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