Saturday, February 25, 2012

Elvia Too Can Testify

I asked my dear friend Elvia to share her conversion story. She is a rockstar, she is preparing to serve a mission, and she has changed my life!!!! Here she is:

So, I was asked to share my conversion story and I said.."You know, everytime I talk about my conversion story I cry"...What I really meant is....You know, everytime I testify of my conversion story the spirit is SO strong the impulse of crying is an iner-reaction of my Happiness..

I was raised and born in Santa Rosa, CA. Was taught to always do the right thing and personally I thought I was an overall good parents never felt like they would every worry about me doing something other words they could trust me..When I was a little past 18 years old I decided I was done with every one thinking I was Miss little goody goody, I was going to do what I wanted and no one was going to tell me other wise..Sadly, that one decision took me down a path I could've never took me 2 years to realize that I had litteraly lost all self esteem and a way I felt like my life was worthless...and found my self thinking how one bad decision lead me to make even worse decision..I was in a deep hole and didn't know how to get out of it...after many let downs I realized my life had to change..and if that was going to happen I had to change my self..

One day in mid August 2010 my Aunt who lived in Oregon out of the no where called me and after hours of talking she told me how much she loved me and how much it pained her to see me hurt...coming from someone I had only met twice my whole life was pretty powerful for me in that moment..I was loved and it felt good..she invited me to come live with her in Oregon for 2 months just to get my self together..I agreed and before I knew it I was bording a plane to Portland, Oregon. I felt free and ready to change...even though I had no idea how that was going to happen...My Aunt was so helpful and was putting every part of importance to my life.

One day she comes home telling me how she met 2 Missionaries, they were coming over later that day to talk to response "Oh really thats cool, just make sure they don't talk to me, I want NOTHING to do with them". To my surprise, there was a knock at the door. My Aunt opens the door and lets these 2 young men come in and take a seat in the kitchen table. As I was on the computer, I hear the one of the Missionaries ask my Aunt who I was and if I could possibly join them..pretending I didn't hear them my Aunt pretty loudly asks me to join them...So I did...thinking to my self..they're "american" and speaking spanish...better spanish than I speak..they invited me to read a verse of the Bible in spanish..I was stuttering the words and was embarrassed at my terrible spanish..soon after they left, I told my aunt when were they going to come over again..I wanted to know more!!

Two days later they show up again..and every lesson after that got easier to understand and I wanted to know more! One of the most powerful comments they said was "Don't trust us we can sin and make mistakes, but Trust God our Heavenly Father and I know if you ask him if what we tell you is true you will receive your answer". This is all they had to say. I found my self truly wanting to ask our Heavenly Father if this was his true Church. For the first time in my life I felt good I had never been prompted to ask our Heavenly Father for an answer such as this...a month after my arrival in Oregon I got baptized ,on September 19, 2010..the best day of my life! I'm so greatful to know what I know and to know how to live in order to be happy. I KNOW MY SAVIOR LIVES! I KNOW HE DIED FOR US AND THAT HE WOULD'VE DIED FOR YOU EVEN IF YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD WHO NEEDED IT. I KNOW JOSEPH SMITH WAS A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD! I KNOW THE BOOK OF MORMON WAS TRANSLATED THROUGH THE POWER OF GOD! I testify this in name of JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.

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