Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Favorite Weekend

My top 3 weekends include:
1. the first weekend in April
2. the first weekend in October
3. if Christmas is on a weekend

Why? Four words:

Living Prophets and Apostles.

Every 6 months The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has what we call General Conference.
General Conference is when all members of the church world-wide (it is broadcast in 92 different languages) come together to listen to the prophet and the apostles teach us the word of God.


You can watch conference live from your computer HERE

Sessions broadcast:
Saturday at 10am (MST) and 12pm (MST) with Priesthood Session at 6pm (MST)
Sunday at 10am (MST) and 12pm (MST)

Make a video of your conference experience HERE

Have conference activities for your children (or yourselves) HERE

We are blessed to have the knowledge and comfort that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever - that He guides us, His children, through a living prophet. We have the amazing opportunity this weekend to hear from our dear prophet, Thomas S Monson, as well as the other apostles. (More information about the organization of the church can be found HERE)

I think of the thousands of people that gave up great sacrifices, even their whole lives, to be able to hear a prophet of the Lord speak. I dare say that I would do the same to hear these great men of God instruct us on how we can become more Christ-like, what Heavenly Father wishes to tells us, and what we need to do to prepare for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I stand in awe at the great love and goodness of our God, and the great opportunity that we have to hear His words this weekend. I invite all - just as Philip invited Nathanael to "come and see" (John 1:46) for yourselves.

An invitation and a promise:
Over here in good old Vacaville we have been invited to watch conference with a question in mind -a question that our soul hungers for the answer to. As we prayerfully watch conference - with a pen in hand - I can promise that that question will be answered, either through the very words that are spoken, a hymn that is sung, a prayer that is said, but most importantly from a feeling that is felt and a thought that is had. With pen in hand, demonstrating your willingness to be instructed by the Holy Ghost, you will receive the direction and revelation that you seek. I make that promise. I apply that promise to myself this weekend.
Let us not be casual listeners to the servants of the Lord - but instead let us be determined to act in accordance with the very things we are instructed in personally, through the thoughts and feelings given to us in this blessed time.

Get out your pen and paper, kids. It's time for family counsel. What is it that your Heavenly Father wishes to tell you, His child, today?

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