Saturday, October 8, 2011

I will never wash my right hand again...

There are no concrete rules and guidelines for the creation of a persons "bucket list"
(sidenote:  Bucket List = a list of items a person dreams of accomplishing or experiencing before they "kick the bucket")
(2nd sidenote: Kick the Bucket = dying)

I, too, have created a bucket list in my life. Mine is several pages long and contains such dreams such as "ride in a hot air balloon" and "finish an entire Chipotle burrito" and "finish an entire Chipotle burrito while riding in a hot air balloon"

There are 3 people that have made it onto my extremely exclusive Bucket List - 3 people that I simply must meet before I die.
2 of them will be kept secret right now but the THIRD, and possibly most important (as it is the only female) is Sister Julie B Beck:

A couple weeks ago I was sitting with my past and now far away companion, Hermana Rupp, after planning and we were discussing my love, nay obsession, with this woman.

I told her about how back home my family wouldn't flinch when I would say things such as "I was hanging out with Jules today and she taught me this awesome thing" and proceed to share something that I heard learned from studying one of Sister Beck's talks. (I like to refer to her as if we are great friends, because I feel that we are with all that she has helped me understand about myself, the divine role of womanhood, and the world around me. Although the appropriateness of nicknaming dear Sister Beck in the comfort of my family dinner table is still up for argument)
I really do feel like she is one of my dearest friends, somebody I can rely on to guide me in my life. She has shaped my perspective and been the instrument of me feeling the spirit many times.

Hermana Rupp and I continued to talk about our love for this woman and I ended the conversation with a loud "ONE DAY I will meet her. I just have to"

Fast forward to this morning. The same Hermana Rupp is standing to my right and I am looking into the eyes of this dear friend of mine. I barely muster a "good morning, Sister Beck" as she shakes my right hand.

As we listened to her speak this morning I marveled at her Christ-like manner in wishing to care and nurture to "the one". She wished to focus on each of us individually. It hit me yet again that this woman is a woman from God - a defender of the family - and I remembered yet again the kind of woman I wish to become.

My favorite talk from Sister Beck can be found here: Teaching the Doctrine of the Family

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