Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stripling Warriors: A Tribute to Our Mothers

My mom had a HUGE influence on my mission. I like those 2000 boys did not doubt that my mother had a burning testimony. I saw and heard it much while growing up. But i think, like others, my mothers influence started probably from the day i was born. Her love and nurture helped me become the missionary i was. Not to mention her firm hand and her powerful words of wisdom. Some of which were " Dont wait to be told to do something, if you see something thats needs to be done, then do it" one of my favorites is." take a step back and look at the bigger picture and what really matters" these short phases would come to mind at different times and situations of my mission. Those i gave were only a few. So in essence my mother had a huge part in my mission. We grow up and our mothers tell us and teach us things, and at the time we blow them off or dont really take it to heart, But i testify that the lord worked through my mother, and her little comments, throughout my early life to help me become who i am today. She inspired and blessed my life. I knew that i could be good cause my mother believed i was.
Adam Sherrow

How did my mom help me in my mission? I think some of the things my mom told me before i left were really important. I remembered alot of the things she told me and it helped me to stay motivated. My mom has always helped me and supported me in my life and i knew that even though she couldn't directly help me, that she was proud of me and wanted me to do what was right. Of course her
e-mails and occasionally sending cookies were nice too. My mom is awsome.
Jason Bohnet

Everyone loves their mother, but I never fully realized the positive impact she had on my mission. Of course the emails came every week and those are always great. The phone calls always pumped me up and helped me focus on the work. But perhaps the best communication my mom had wasn't between me and her; but with her and Heavenly Father. I will never know how much she has prayed for me; and how those prayers have come true. And she has always prayed for us our whole lives. If I had to pick one thing that improved on my mission it would be my relationship with God through prayer. And I have a mother to thank for that. Brian Webber

My momma's infulence. Ha, where to start. Well I never could really appreciate fully the influence my mother had on me while I was on my mission. I had the chance to get a letter from her each week, not one missed, and that made a big difference in my week. Not in a trunky way, but my mother send me talks and great quotes, all of which seemed to fit my very circumstances or challenges. It is no doubht that my mother (and father) are righteous and are blessed with revelation concerning their children. I have always enjoyed and admired my mother's perspective of the gospel and her willingness to just be obedient and be believing. That example helped me though hard times, because I could reflect upon her many teachings and moments of comfort and counsel to me. My mother's righteous influence made a huge impact of my mission and continues to in my life each day
Michael McBride

My mom positively influenced in who I am, which of course helped me on my mission. She taught me that the Lord loves us, and that we can talk to him through prayer. I cannot count the times when I would fill her in on all of the problems that were in my life and she responded by asking me, "Did you pray about it?". She taught me that prayer is such a powerful tool, which helped me on my mission find strength and guidance. I love my mom and she has positively effected me, and I cannot type enough "thank you"s to express the gratitude in my heart.
Jared Scott

We Do Not Doubt Our Mothers Knew It.

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