Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How was your spiritual jog this morning?

I think there is a universal experience that all people have in common...

That moment when you are driving in your car somewhere and you see somebody going for a run down the street.
and all of a sudden you feel super bad that you are driving your car.

Even if you try and fight it, it seems like there is an automatic emotional response of "oh man. I should go for a run"
We even go so far as to justify in our heads "okay I am DEFINITELY going on a run tomorrow"

I was thinking today about how much influence one person running outside has on the people that he or she passes. Think about how many cars go by that one person running and how many people in those cars are forced to assess, in some way or another, the way their health is going.
Whether we admit it or not, I think most of us do a sort of self-evaluation upon seeing these runners.

And how awesome that maybe that one person running this morning - wakes up another 2 people to go on a run later that week, or to not get some more ice cream at the store that day.

I was thinking about that as we were walking down the street yesterday.
As a missionary, it seems that EVERY car that passes us has some sort of reaction. Whether it is positive, negative or a simple gawking stare. Sometimes as missionaries, I think we feel that we aren't doing enough to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
But then I thought about the influence of a runner. Just like those runners, we make a statement we make a statement when we walk down the street. Whether people are regularly working out spiritually or not - in that moment when their glance catches us, they know it. And hopefully there reaction is "I'm going to do a better spiritual jog tomorrow by studying my scriptures a little more seriously or praying with a softer heart or helping that neighbor Ive been thinking about all day" as they assess how they are doing spiritually.

And hopefully people start planning the next time they will be going to church, or talking to our Heavenly Father.

So as this post runs past you today - How was YOUR spiritual jog this morning?

Did you stretch beforehand by praying to your Heavenly Father for the spirit to guide you? Or did you start without even warming up? Did you jog with a friend? Did you finish your jog and ruin it by eating a whole plate of brownies (falling back into your favorite sin, not applying what you learned, not progressing)?
If it has been a while since your last spiritual jog - you might be worried about getting sore. It's okay. The pain of returning is nothing compared to the relief and joy you will feel.

If anybody needs suggestions on a good spiritual jog, let me know - I have some favorite routes that still take my breath away.

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  1. What a great post! and what a great analogy...makes you think. Thank you for that!